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A day in my life

The day I went up to Melbourne to be a quest on 'No Limits" show is made by people with disabilities. Watch at your own risk. They sit down with the who's who of the disability sector to discuss the latest in politics, news and personal stories.

Alarm went off at 5.45am and personal support worker arrived at 6am to help me shower and dress

Had Taxi booked for 7.15am as heading to Melbourne for a TV appearance on the show “No Limits”

Ended up ringing the Geelong Taxi as by 7.20am as Taxi was late, by the time the Taxi turned up I got to the station with 5 minutes to spare, arrived at Southern Cross station at 8.50am, they had changed the line so had no idea how to get to the main area where I normally come out, the new line seemed to take you up to the first level, I thought oh well think I know the way, I did asked one of V/line people, and he just said outside the gate it will take you to Spencer St, when I go to the area their was only escalates or steps no good for me,  going back notice Spencer Outlet so thought I would duck in their as had to go to the toilet, found the disabled toilets, nothing unusual, but the disabled toilets were locked a lady seen me trying to open the door, told her it was locked, said she would go get the manager.

 When back to the station where I had come from, going back into the station and asking another V/Line person where the lifts were, he lead me to the lift as soon and I went down I knew where I was, thanks goodness I am an early bird as needed to me at RMIT TV in the city by 10am, with map in hand I was on my way.

I arrived at the studio at 9.35am so was asked to go straight to the makeup room to get ready for the show, I have been on TV in the newspapers but never been on a panel and had to get makeup and hair done I felt very special, we were asked to go into studio around 12.50pm I was a guess on the panel for the NDIS so I sat in to see how it all went until I was asked up, why so late in starting well they had to check on the lighten sound ect. Some of the mics they place on the 3 panel member had to be replaced. I was called up when they had an add break, a mic was placed on me but again had to be changed as that didn’t work, after 6 mins of fame it was all over, but they did supply lunch. No Limits did 3 episodes on that day, I notice there was on before us and them when we were having lunch, there were another one they had to shoot, it was amazing I did know most of them, some not to talk too but knew of them.

Left the studio at 2pm decided to get to the station via Bourke St just because it was a different view.

Got to the station in plenty of time to catch the 3.20pm home, come in from the main entrance, found out the times of my train and the platform, gabbed a coffee and heading to the platform again couldn’t find platform 16 so asked the V/Line person he told me when the lift was allocated and to go to the first floor, but when I got to the lift  it was out of order, I thought here we go again, seen another V/Line person told her that the lift that’s closes to us in not working, so see took me to another lift  o up there and you will see platform 16, when I getting on the train the V/line person said there was problems on the Werribee line and we might have to be coached, but lucky it was opened and arrived at the South Geelong station at 4.24pm motored home and arrived home around 5pm.

Asked Alex what he wanted for tea as was going to suggest to grab a cook chook as couldn’t be bothered cooking anything and I wasn’t that hungry suited me fine as I wasn’t over hungry so we just had a lean cruisne meal out of freezer, it’s always good for a stand by. Checked emails and opened mail.

We always watch the ABC news while eating dinner.

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