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Brett was just 44 when he lost his right arm and leg in a head-on collision with a ute. The ute was overtaking and didn't see Brett coming the other way. A few short months later, he was out racing with SWD

"It's tough to have things taken away from you. I lost my arm and my leg, my job, my driving license...

However, I made the decision that I wanted to live. In many ways, I was very lucky. I didn't suffer any brain or spinal damage, or internal injuries - and I healed really quickly.

I've had huge support from my friends and family, and I met a guy in hospital who said I should get out and sail with SWD.

I was nervous at first, but I've been welcomed with open arms. And every time I go out on the boat I learn new skills."

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    • Deb Jeffreys | 2014-06-17 13:47:16
      Great story Brett - you are inspirational!
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Brett Whitely

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