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Chelsea's Story

After participating in the Try Sail day, Chelsea came home and could not stop talking about it. It was such a wonderful time, and she felt secure and stable on the bigger boat. Every time she sees a boat she says "That's the one!" or a bridge "We went under that, mum!" referring to it as "My boat."

Chelsea Cranfield had never been on a big boat before, and felt anxious on little ones. Throughout high school she wasn’t keen on the idea. That is, until she summoned up the courage to do the Try Sail program at SWD - she was 18 years old.

Chelsea has Downs Syndrome and uses one eye at a time due to vision impairment. She is unsure of her steps, so walking on uneven ground can be a challenge. This knocks her confidence. She is able to hear with the aid of a device. 

Photos are great memories and Chelsea sent a favourite snap to her sister in the UK. One month later, Chelsea is still talking fondly of her day onboard and proudly showing off pictures of herself "driving" the boat.

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Chelsea Cranfield

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