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David credits SWD with giving him a better appreciation of what people can achieve. Being an SWD member has shown him first-hand that the human spirit is more powerful than the body. 

David D'annunzio joined SWD after bumping into David Pescud following the death of a close friend.

He already had a passion for sailing and thought joining SWD would be an ideal way of further expanding his knowledge and experience whilst being part of an organisation that helps people to be their best.  

He has had many highlights but his most memorable achievement is sailing in the 2013 Rolex Sydney Hobart - something that had been on his bucket list for some time.

David also has fond memories of partaking in numerous Northern Campaigns, counting this as some of the best sailing he has done. That, and sailing on the SWD TP52 Wot Eva! 

"The thrill of sailing at 20+ knots is probably the best experience I have ever had..until I got married of course!" he says jubilantly.

Being a part of SWD and volunteering gives David a sense of purpose, and it is great helping people and having fun in the process. Having a young family now has impacted on his time but he still looks forward to sailing and assisting SWD whenever and however he can in the future.

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