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Northern Campaign Side Effects

Well Northern Campaign 2014 has bought out a period of great personal growth for me, and the funny thing is it wasn't about me! It was supposed to be about enriching the lives of kids! But as a curious side effect I have grown a lot as a human and this is not just me. It is a side effect of a lot of people who embark on this journey year after year.  I feel (as does the likes of Dalai Lama) that when one does selfless service to others less fortunate than oneself, one cannot help but to benefit. The cosmic karma maybe!

I find myself every so often looking at the photos of the kids from this year knowing we, as a crew, changed or helped these kids, in turn they helped or changed us!

I have a whole kaleidoscope of snapshots both in my laptop and in my head,  of moments that will stay with me for life.

Like little Emma at Rosslyn Bay, exclaimed to me she was having "The BEST day of her life".  Me I wasn't feeling so hot, I was tired and emotional, but upon hearing those words salt water leaked from my eyes. She turned to me and said in a way that only cute little girls can," What's wrong miss Kristi?"  I told her I was just so happy. She replied that she was " just so happy too!" Well I lost it then. I turned away and tried in vain to contain the tears streaming down my face!

Of the countless kids who couldn't say Skipper! And shortened it to "Kippa"!! When they heard me talking to Mark my Skipper.

Of the 6 year old telling me about her toy poodle at home " that's a real dog, not a toy!" Holding on to my hand so tight it hurt because she was just a little bit scared,

Moments with the crew, simple things that cannot be retold because somehow they get lost in the re telling. Like Ian upon discovering his sea boots and wet weather pants have died on the last delivery leg, I casually say to him in true occa fashion, " well would that rot your socks?"  To which he replied " oh no not my socks too!!!" And started busily inspecting his socks!!! That still brings a huge smile to my face!

I've been home about a week now, and my mind returns back to the boat often and all the good times, and someone saying to me " you aren't home yet, are you?"   I guess I am home in body, just not yet in spirit.

I took a road trip this past few days, purposely outside phone range. To give myself some time to come back down to earth, visit with some inland friends, and low in behold "Kayle" is in Coffs Harbour!  Devine intervention calling me?? Maybe? So I return home to my boat and my "other" girl is here too. Maybe to help my loved ones see what I am up to and the boat and the organisation my heart calls to, I don't know.

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    • Deb Jeffreys | 2014-09-05 13:28:57
      Great reflections Kristi - sounds like it was an amazing experience :)
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