faceboat is an online community celebrating optimism

faceboat is an on-line community celebrating positive human spirit and optimism. It is an initiative of Sailors with disABILITIES (SWD).

The faceboat online community is a supportive, inclusive place where members can share stories and information.

Profile photos are printed on the side of faceboat to signify our collective support and optimism.

Key elements of faceboat

  • Your face or chosen profile image is on the website and will be printed on the side of faceboat.
  • You can upload your story or the story behind the photo to the website.
  • You can upload and share as many blogs, photos and stories as you wish.
  • As a member of our faceboat community you can us the social network, make friends and chat to other members.

The faceboat online community is free to join and use.

Ready to Create Optimism?